Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nov 8 - Stumped!

Eight days into 30 Days of Awesome, two days behind in posting, and I'm already feeling stumped. Well, maybe not so much stumped, but vaguely repetitive. Nevertheless, these were the highlights of the day:

JediBoy and I worked a little bit more on the GameCube Portable project. Basically, we needed to settle on the exact placement of the optical drive on the back of case. This was important because there's only so much real estate back there, and the drive needs to be well clear of the trigger controls while still allowing for a removeable drive cover to be installed at some point. Long short short, it took almost an hour to figure out where to drill 4 bolt-holes and trim away some plastic to let the drive motor move freely. Baby steps, every one 'em.

Tuesday night is my pickup hockey night, and I got injured. I wish I had a great story involving heroic goal-scoring with a breathtaking disregard for my personal safety. But the fact is I cut my finger pretty good while taking off my helmet between shifts. My finger got pinched in the face-cage. I did manage a little bravado using my bloodied finger to stain a few spots on my (white) hockey jersey . Alas, no one noticed.

So, how many more days do I have to do this?


David said...

Just treat it like Twitter and reduce the number of characters you are allowed. Once you restrict yourself to fewer words, you might find th

David said...

at you you can make more posts of smaller length. Forget quality. You've seen my blog, right?

Anonymous said...

"JediBoy"? Appropriate nickname is appropriate for son who has not seen star wars in years, and will continue to ignore it until George Lucas finishes his "Destruction of Quality" rampage.