Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 17 - Windmill Tilting

Nothing happened today. I went to work, closed the door, got stuff done with the requisite levels of stress and anger, and then emerged for the mad dash home. It's more and more like that everyday - just a brain in a bottle.

But already I've lied. Something almost happened today. Our local chapter of the Occupy movement had planned a protest march for this afternoon, and the building in which I which I toil for money was going to be one of their targets. Rather than face their wrath, I left the office early and finished my work at home.

I wasn't really nervous about some kind of face-off. It was just a good excuse to work from home, where the coffee is free and the clothing is optional. But I was pretty curious about the outcome of thw Occupy march. I won't opine too much about the movement, but our local version is rather small and the inevitable splintering into factions has already begun. It was a good bet that the march would only involve a couple of dozen disenfranchised souls. Then again, maybe they could muster a couple of hundred people to brave the cold wind blowing the first snowflurries of Winter down the main drag.

The evening news confirmed the probable. The protest started much later than planned and only managed to draw 30 or so die-hard Occupiers. By the time they made their way to my office building, darkness had fallen and most workers had gone home for the day. It was a sad picture in my mind - poor, sad souls chanting their anger at nothing and everything, and no one around to see their desperate faces in the half-light.

Like I say, something almost happened today.

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