Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 24 - Thursday Needs a Song, Too

 I don't know why it is, but Thursday has become my new Friday. There is a certain ebb-and-flo, a certain zeitgeist, to the daily pace where I work. From Monday to Thursday, things feel unrelenting, unstoppable. When you think you've found some equilibrium between what's urgent and what's not, you can be sure that something new will emerge from the ether, demanding that you pay attention.

And then Friday rolls in, wearing faded jeans and having no particular plan for the day, and you can feel a palpable 'sigh' whispering down hallways, floating the week's worries from your shoulders. Friday frowns on working lunches. Friday insists on actual coffee breaks.

So while the calendar said Thursday today, my inner-compass said otherwise. I just needed to get to the end of the day in one piece and I knew the Sun would be shining on the other side. Now we just need to do something about that crabby bastard Wednesday.

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