Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Nov 6 - How To Ruin a Perfectly Reasonable Day

I had to go to a benefit concert tonight. It's a yearly event to raise money in aid of a particular African country. I'm not sure if each person in said country gets a cut, but I like to think they do. The cause is worthwhile but, truthfully, we probably wouldn't go (or even know about the event) if it weren't for the fact that at least one of my kids is always in a choir that participates in the concert.

The way it works is this: there are musical performances and speeches all leading toward the passing of the collection plate. But it's all above-board. We know the organizers will try and tug at our heartstrings and they know that we'll all donate a few bucks. And in between, we get to hear some pretty great choir performances and listen to some well-known Canadian say a few words on some subject related to the evening.

But every year, part of me dreads the event because of one particular musical performer. I won't use her name here and I've resisted a link to YouTube, but she's kind of a local celebrity - a professional singer - and has been deeply involved in this particular charity for as a long as I can remember. I'm sure she's a perfectly nice person and I'm sure we'd get along just grand. But I cannot stand her singing voice. In my head, she's a terrible singer and the idea of spending an entire evening listening to her particular song stylings is a lot to bear. This year was no different, other than she sang a lot more than previous years and I had to dig just a little deeper inside myself to find my Happy Place.

Like I say, it's a lot bear. But bear it I do - for Africa.

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David said...

"Like I say, I drank a lot of beer. But beer I drink - for Africa."

That's how it should look next year. Charity begins at home, in the fridge, one hour before you leave.