Monday, November 07, 2011

Nov 4 - Always With the Cat Food

After a week spent drinking Irish Whiskey in the evening and taking long lunches in the afternoon, Friday was a bloody let-down. Here are the highlights:
  • I got a spare key made for the new car because....well, just because...
  • I bought a cargo net for the back of the new car because it seemed like we should have a cargo net
  • I went to the pet store and bought cat food. This got the cat excited and I felt validated as a human.
  • I looked at old photos with my wife, during which time we went Full Fogey and wondered how the kids grew up so fast (while we did not)
  • I experimented with making decals for The Boy's portable GameCube project (more to come)
  • I watched TV with The Boy when I really should have been putting in the effort to read my book
Maybe it was a result of the old photos, or maybe it was just the beer and codeine, but the evening hours brought on a the unmistakable melancholy of time passing too quickly - connections to friends and family stranded in the wake of cat food and cargo nets. Thankfully, The Boy and I had an episode of Parks and Rec waiting for us on the PVR, and all perception of passing time was obliterated in the TV's LCD glow.

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