Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nov 7 - This Exists

There are a handful of websites I mean to check out more often. In the Non-Porn category, the Internet Archive (home of the legendary Wayback Machine) is one of those places I mean to spend time but never really do. The reason, perhaps subconsciously, is that it's the epitome of 'time suck'. Here's why.

Founded in 1996, the Archive has a very simple mission: universal access to all knowledge. It's a lofty goal that takes its inspiration from the ancient Library of Alexandria, and these guys aren't screwing around. If something can be digitized (and, really, what can't?), then it's fair game for the Archive.

Divided into roughly 9 major collections, the Archive includes Internet history, moving images, still images, text, audio - a whole world to fill up your days with endless clicking. Poking down obscure hallways of the Archive often leads to vast and unexpected warehouses of history.

Looking for old newsreels or classic cartoons? You're in luck. Need to dig up a Microsoft manual from 1998? It might be there! Maybe you need 10 reviews of a classic video game. There's a great chance it's there. Say! What did the Canadian Tire website look like in 1998? They got that, too.

So in case you have yet to be infected by curiosity, here's a piece of history from a dusty drawer found in the Archive. It's yours to enjoy, before you do click away.


David said...

I like your forum. Is this the right place to put a comment on Wankel engines? I would very much like to know about cameras and think you have good words on them. I'll be back!

Crazylegs said...

My tractor is full of eels.

David said...

Classic Kevin, right on the money with the Romanian humour. That one's a classic.