Friday, November 18, 2011

Nov 16 - Getting Sticky

Wednesday should have involved going to the gym, but my ass was lazy and I had promised JediBoy that we'd work on the dreaded GameCube Portable. With the triggers rebuilt and seemingly functional, the next step was to finally glue them into place within the case. And when I say 'glue them into place' you know I really mean 'glue them into place only to find a problem afterwards'.

It was fussy work. Being commitment-phobic men, we seemed to spend forever finding the exact spot to place the trigger mechanism. The triggers, themselves, needed to poke out the appropriate openings in the case to be reachable by vidya-gaming geek fingers. They also needed enough travel space to be fully depressed.

On the inside of the case, the underlying trigger mechanisms needed to lay as flat and as low in the case as possible. This to keep them out of the way of other components and give us lots of surface area for the epoxy that would fix the triggers to their sticking places.

With a wee bit of trimming here and there, we found our spots. First came a few dabs of hot glue, just to hold the mechanisms in their places. Next, we hooked up some wires and gingerly tested the triggers (Link's shield did all the proper trigger tricks). The final step was to slather on the epoxy to ensure the triggers stayed put.

With all the stress and screwing around, getting the triggers installed was major step forward in getting to 'Done' on the project. It was also a major relief to JediBoy and I - a bit of a mental respite until the next hangnail is discovered.

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