Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 25 - Rinse, Repeat

Okay, let's go back to the GameCube Portable. I know you're tired of this, but it'll just take a sec, okay? Picking up from a few days ago, JediBoy rebuilt the trigger today. We tested as best as we could using a multimeter, and the everything looked good. The next step was to test the trigger with an actual game (Link, come on down!) and see if the repairs fixed the problem.

I actually wasn't very hopeful it would work. When everything went wrong (again), it seemed to me that there were multiple problems. The trigger mechanism, itself, was definitely a bit buggered. But I strongly suspected the controller daughterboard was screwed up somehow.

Today's test confirmed my fears, I think. The repaired trigger should have worked, but failed to make Link smash things with his shield. There's a slight possibility that the trigger's potentiometer is malfunctioning - and we'll check that out first - but my suspicion is that the controller daugghtboard is no longer processing any input from the right trigger.

We have the necessary spare parts for either problem. I'm hoping that we find the potiometer at fault since it's the easiest fix. But we'll leave it alone for now and, instead, go out for dinner and think of something else. I'm lying, of course. We will dwell on these problems until we fix them.

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