Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 10 - One More Day

Even though it was only Thursday, I treated the day like it was a Friday - complete with blue jeans for office attire and the attitude that anything requiring effort can bloody well wait for Monday. Truth is, I have Friday (Nov 11) off work, so Nov 10 was the end of the work week.

I have plans. They're very simple plans. I'm going to buy a new video game - Skyrim - first thing in the morning and then I'm going to spend a lot of time playing that game. There'll be no kids around with whom I have to share. My wife will be home, but she understands my simple plans.

Are these selfish plans? Yessiree they are, because Nov 11 is always my selfish day.

Somehow, of course, these plans will not work out.

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