Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nov 22 - Crash Course

Let's switch things up today and not talk about the GameCube Portable project. We can do that because we didn't work on it today. Well, maybe it got worked on a bit - mostly JediBoy staring at the disassembled trigger, heaving heavy sighs.

The highlight of the day, I suppose, was JediBoy's commitment to take his written driver's test on December 16 - a completely arbitrary date, by the way. He turned 16 back in October and, really, we expected him to be all over the driver's license thing. This is the kid who broke down in tears at the age of 6 because he had to wait 10 more YEARS before he could drive. This is the kid who, for most of his childhood, has looked forward to driving something, anything.

By the time he turned 16, the itch seemed to have healed. Getting his license became one of those things that would happen 'someday' (in the same list as 'comfortable retirement' and 'climbing Machu Pichu'). So we had a talk this evening and agreed he should at least take the written test and get his G1 class - which is basically a license to learn to drive. Come Springtime, he could take some driver training, get his G2 class license, and get some independence *cough*drive-to-a-part-time-job*cough*

In related news, my Insurance Agent was reportedly seen chuckling and rubbing his hands together.

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