Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Bland

Sometimes blogging can be a little like flossing your teeth - we all have the best intentions, but it doesn't take much to let things slide once in awhile. Rest assured that I have, indeed, done some flossing in the last couple of months, which is more than I can say about posting anything in this sad, dusty corner of the Interwebs.

So here's what I'm thinking: I'll force myself to post something everyday for the month of November - 30 days, 30 posts. The highlight may well be some horrific, gonzo reportage of a particularly bloody engagement with dental floss, but there will be content.

Now you're probably noticing the date here is November 2. And you're also thinking you've been ripped off - that I've tripped right out of the 30 Day starting gate. Fact is, I thought of this idea on October 31 just before the Witching Hour. So, it counts. And you'll get your November 2 post, too.

So what is the premiere post for this 30 Days of Awesome? It must be something compelling, something to grab you and keep you coming back day after empty day, right?

Not really. November 1 was nothing much special. I got up at 6am and drove my son to band practise. Then I went to work and dreamed of lottery wins that never will be. I went home again where my visiting In-laws were waiting (they're nice people, so no story there). We had dinner and I remember why I kind of dislike crockpots. I Googled a particular brand of shoes for my father-in-law. I helped my son a little bit with his physics project (assembling a model rocket). I went to play pickup hockey and drink beer. And then finally closed my eyes again about 1:30am.

See? It's kind of boring and yet jam-packed. But you're wondering if we're going to build on something. You're wondering what could possibly top November 1. And you'll back. You may even hate yourself for admitting it, but you'll be back.


David said...

I saw the previews and they looked awesome. This should be a great 30 days. I'm glad I lined a week early so that I could get in first.

Crazylegs said...

David, you've been had. The previews were generally terrible. That's why we blew the budget on star-power - J.Lo, that guy from Glee, Bruce Willis - just so no one would be paying attention to how bad 30 Days was going to be. Look, we apologize. Just don't let anybody know you know, you know?