Tuesday, September 29, 2009


That's the sound of a kid growing up. Thanks to Einstein and Doppler, parents perceive time as a complicated blur whereas the kids feel like bugs trapped in amethyst. But it doesn't matter where you're standing - time lurches steadily forward whether we like it or not (TARDIS owners notwithstanding).

I'm thinking about all this today because I have to go to some kind of 'post-secondary information night' later this week. It seems that my daughter the BandGeek, all of 16 years old, is theoretically eligible to get kicked out of high school the proper way come next June.

I'm not ready, the RESP is not ready, and it's questionable whether BandGeek is ready. True, I left home to go seek my fortune when I was a few months shy of 18 - which is the same boat my December baby could board next year. I like to think it's different situation here (and it is!).

But we'll all go to the information night and see what's what. At 16, the kid has no real idea of what she wants 'to be' when she grows up, nor should she. We'll support her and give her all the advice she can stand, but I'll secretly hope we get to keep her with us, just like it is today, for a little while longer.