Tuesday, September 01, 2009

30 Days of Teh Stoopid

Contrary to a half-hearted 2009 resolution, I'm not posting much these days. I'd like to blame it on a short attention-span fed by 140 characters of Twitter or perhaps an obsession with Facebook. But that would be a lie since I'm spending precious little time in those places, too. It really comes down the malaise of having nothing much to say and no real drive to say it.

So here's what I'm thinking: a post every day for the entirety of September. For good or for bad, Mika the Cat and I will force thoughts into words into finger/paw muscles into cohesive groupings of electrons on the PC monitor. And we'll do it every day, for 30 days.

I think this could work. September will be interesting.

The evenings are getting cooler, and I'm content to sit in front of a keyboard with Mika's warmth on my lap. JediBoy begins his high-school phase while BandGeek contemplates her final(?) year there. My nemesis, the Steel-Set pool, will de-construct in a few days - perhaps for the last time. There will surely be another Geek Meet. There will be video games. A new season of television offers the usual promises that we know will ultimately disappoint. I will finish reading a book. Disney will buy more stuff. I will continue to get inspiration from other voices.

I think this could work.

See what we did? We made a blog post on September 1st! If Mika were awake, she'd probably offer a High Five.


Adam Kantor said...

Thank you, I now also have a new goal, and it's to read every one of your posts this september and comment on them in some witty and earth shattering way. Why? Because the best I can muster is to live vicariously off your creativity, that's why.

Still, I give you ten days before you are writing about the "new and creative" route you found to get to work this morning. :)

Crazylegs said...

Are you saying that these posts will turn into slightly-longer Twitter tweets after 10 days? You have little faith, my friend. I reckon we'll be there by end-of-week.

Anonymous said...