Wednesday, September 02, 2009

From Within the Cube Walls

My day job is IT Geek for a Very Large Corporation. There are pluses and minuses that go with that territory. On one hand, I get to work on some pretty cool projects and people assume I know what I'm talking about since I'm old (in IT years). On the minus side, I get invited to a lot of meetings - most of them conference calls that go on way too long.

Oftentimes, I don't really need to be sitting on those calls. I'm just there because some MBA-type feels better knowing there's a Geek on standby to settle disputes involving Star Wars trivia (this has yet to happen). To pass the time, I often make my own fun by chatting online with Peer Geeks. In the interest of full-disclosure, 'on-line' really means 'inside our corporate network'.

As as exercise in 'you are there', I thought I'd lift the veil of corporate intrigue and post a snippet of one of these sanity saving exchanges. I can't believe I get paid for being this stupid-lame. This is all real, with only the names changed to protect the IT Geek image. Enjoy!

Other Geek [9:04 AM]:

I was forced to switch to Firefox last night.

I feel dirty

Me Being Bored [9:04 AM]:

Welcome, brother. You are safe here.

Other Geek [9:09 AM]:

Here's the deal. XP told me there were updates (including the optional update to IE8). Foolishly, I went for it. I then went to miniclip to play pool and it failed. I was angered. I went back to the checkpoint it wrote before installing everything and it corrupted registry. I went back to the previous checkpoint and all was cool, but the banners were gone from my IE 7 browser. I could not get them back. I tried to download the install from MS. I could not download anything. I went to another PC, downloaded firefox. Installed it on my problem PC and it worked. so I uninstalled IE7. re-installed it and it works. However, I left Firefox as my browser of choice. The funny thing is that the miniclip game still does not work - on any PC i have. It had nothing to do with the browser.

not banners......toolbars

I lost my toolbars in IE7

Me Being Bored [9:09 AM]:

Firefox rox

Other Geek [9:11 AM]:

it's the same. It looks the same as IE7/8. It runs the same, it inherited my tab preferences (IE7 has tabs), my favorites, my homepage, my cookies, everything. I would bet that Kid and Wife don't even notice.

Opera rox

Me Being Bored [9:12 AM]:

I use Safari on my iPod

Other Geek [9:13 AM]:

It's no Opera. There are hacks to make it work on Apple TV.

Me Being Bored [9:14 AM]:

Hacking Apple hardware is a mug's game, I think.

Other Geek [9:16 AM]:

It's more mainstream than that, I think.

imagine - Google earth on Apple TV.

Me Being Bored [9:16 AM]:

that would be pretty cool

Other Geek [9:18 AM]:

In fact, on Apple TV, Google Earth is LIVE. The images are delivered in REAL TIME. Cars driving down the road. bombs going off in Foreign Countries. You know, all laughing aside - that's not beyond the realm of possibilities.

Me Being Bored [9:18 AM]:

whoa! I saw that on CSI

Other Geek [9:19 AM]:

No, that was using a black light to find fingerprints.

Or maybe you're thinking of how they flick at a piece of dangling flesh for dramatic effect.

Me Being Bored [9:26 AM]:

No, no - it was fingerprints. Matlock was sure the culprit's fingerprints were in a backyard but McGruber couldn’t figure out how to melt the lock to get into that backyard so Quirky Genius Geek Goth Girl commandeered a Google Earth satellite and they zoomed into the backyard and found the fingerprints with 2 MINUTES LEFT in the episode. And then they all took their sunglasses off and wore them in cool affected poses while the credits rolled - inexplicably over a racing speedboat that had nothing to do with the story.

Other Geek [9:26 AM]:

I love it when a plan comes together !

I pitty da fool

Me Being Bored [9:27 AM]:

Book 'em Dano

Other Geek [9:27 AM]:

Holy crap..... they enabled this a couple of years ago and I didn't know.......


Kid Dork said...

I do envy you. My coworkers today talked about their bowel movements. In the name of saving Innernet, I'll not post it. In fact, I probably saved civilization.

Crazylegs said...

Many thanks for throwing yourself on that grenade. But you know, having worked everywhere from the factory floor to the executive suite, I'd have to say there's precious little difference in the calbre of discourse. Trust me when I say that The Suits find bodily fluids HI-larious, too.

Sonny Drysdale said...

Crazy - how long have you actually been in the workforce?

EVERYONE knows that with on the job chatting, you're ONLY supposed to be talking about and back-stabbing your co-workers.

Anonymous said...