Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Obligatory 'About Last Night' Post

If you want a a pitch-perfect synopsis of an Alpha Geek's rite of passage into 2 score and 4 years, you need to go here. I can't top that other than to point out that the 'cock and vagina' discussion at one end of the table was actually a scholarly debate on the layers of meaning and intended symbolism inherent in craptastic Doctor Who special effects. Well, that and roller derby girls do have an astonishingly creative vocabulary.

No question - it was a very, very good time, made all the better by meeting an even wider circle of new Geek faces. Fact is, I was glad to be invited to the celebration and even gladder to drag along my far better half, Deanna. Living with a Geek is one thing, drinking with a coven of never-laid-eyes-on-'em Geeks takes some kind of courage. And a pint of Guinness. I think she passed both tests.

So Kid, many thanks for having the foresight to land a birthday on a Saturday night in a quiet pub. Here's to hoping your questing brings fairytales and fortunes.


Kid Dork said...

No, thank you both for coming and making it one of the best birthdays I've had. Usually, I just sit in my underwear, drink gin and cry over my old Micronauts comics. It made a pleasant change.

And Deanna only plays Tetris? We have to work on *that*.

Crazylegs said...

Except for the Micronauts, you've pretty much described 'Saturday night' in my house. So, like you, we were glad for the diversion of Chaucer's and boozy geeks.

As for Deanna and Tetris... it's our hidden shame - probably worse than a secret love for Tiger Woods games. Maybe 'Plants vs Zombies' could be her gateway drug. We'll see.

David said...

Let her try Hexic. Sarah hasn't gone back to Tetris since.

Anonymous said...