Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Sing The Laundry Electric

It was a day, this 9-9-9.

The Roofer made an appearance and the appearance was on time. The repair job took much longer than planned, but I think my garage will finally be immune from gusts of wind-driven rain that sometimes come from the South-East. I did not get (nor did I expect) any acts of hang-dog contrition from The Roofer, even after the months of back-and-forth disappointments to fix that which he did not fix before. Still, it's a very large hangnail that's been removed and I'm glad for it.
As The Roofer said good riddance to my address, a large truck appeared carrying the new washer and dryer. Judging from the control panels on these appliances, the truck must have been under contract to NASA. So it was that the evening was spent levelling things and plugging things into places to get all those mysterious LED readouts to talk. You'll see from the picture above that the usual crew had my back. Right now, the appliances are being put through their paces - making sure I've followed their instructions. Sadly, this excites me.


Kid Dork said...

I'm just glad you had a supervisor to oversee things, because otherwise, nothing would have been done. Or at least, done RIGHT.

Crazylegs said...

I cannot COUNT all the times that her calming influence and steady paw have saved my bacon - unless there's a fly in the house. Then she just loses her shit, you know?

Anonymous said...