Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's a JonBenet World After All

Okay, some Disney Darkness today. On our latest sojourn to the mecca that is DisneyWorld, we noticed a marked upswing in the number of little girls wandering the parks in full 'princess' gear. These were young ladies of preschool age; made up in full-bore coiffed hair, too much makeup, hair and face glitter, and elaborate dresses.

The first few were cute, and we'd often laugh at how a full day at a Disney park would turn these little princesses into tired, disshelved little Courtney Love avatars.

But they kept coming - and coming. This was no random meme. There was something organized here.

Then we discovered the wellspring for all these little wannabe beauty queens and their way-too-adoring parents - the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

This all feels deeply disturbing, like somehow make-believe has been co-opted by the World of Adults. The innocence of dress-up games has been packaged, structured, and sold to paying Customers.

So I made a little video.

Do I need to lighten up and take this a little less seriously? I'm guessing I do - but damn!


Anonymous said...

That kind of boutique would never happen if Uncle Walt was still around. ... Why can't young girls look up to people like Hayley Mills or Annette as role-models anymore?

Sheena said...

I told you so.

Anonymous said...

That boutique creeped me out as well. I was surprised at the lavish nature of the boutique, and of the princess make-over. I now understand how the princess line has become a billion dollar business for the Mouse.

Sheena said...

Crazy Legs?
Tag. You're It.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up! Little girls have played dress up for hundreds of years. Every little girl wants to pretend shes a princess. I don't think it is creepy at all. I think WDW caters to the "fantasy, magical" part of childhood. So what if a girl wants to play dress up? I think it is only creepy to those perverts out there who think that way to begin with!

Anonymous said...

No doubt! Get a grip! Little girls love to play dress up. Obviously you are not the parent of one or you would know all about it. While I think it is over priced-what part of a theme park isn't? BTW-Referring to Jon Benet is SICK! That child was murdered and it had nothing to do with hair and makeup! Let her rest in peace. PS...I am sure Disney is going to love your video.

Anonymous said...