Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Seen and Heard...

Just a few Floridian observations:

Best. T-Shirt. Ever. "I love manatees...... they taste like children"

Florida is becoming an incredibly popular vacation-spot for South Americans. Going 'north' for a winter vacation seems wrong to me.

Regardless of age, South American women love their thong bikinis. Trust me on this.

Question: Do young Japanese tourists try to look like anime characters, or is the opposite true?

Brazilians, hands down, are the most attractive people on the planet.

Nobody should take my picture while I'm frolicking at a water-park in my bathing suit. Ever.

South Americans never stop talking. Not even when they're supposed to.

There are few sights sadder than watching people wander around eating giant smoked turkey legs. Street vendors should not be allowed to sell them; at least while I'm watching.

A growing trend: people renting wheelchairs or electric scooters at theme parks to (1) avoid all the trouble of... umm... walking and (2) to get preferential admission to shows, rides, parades, etc. Double karma loss if your family members take turns being 'the disabled one'.

The FAA should require that dog tranquilizers be mandatory for all children under 10 years of age on flights. Allowing their parents to partake would also be acceptable.

You can buy more stuff in the States. That's cool.

I cannot - and will never - look cool behind the wheel of a white PT Cruiser.

More to come, perhaps.