Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Master Chief? Meet Troy Hurtubise.

A few years back in a what must have been a "Holy crap, there's nothing on TV at 3:15am on a Sunday morning" kind of moment, I found myself watching a documentary on TVO about The Grizzly Man. While he's had some minor notoriety over the years, let me recap in case he's new to you.

Troy Hurtubise was a man possessed by Grizzly bear attacks. While men of similar single-mindedness might chase white whales or sculpt UFO landing sites out of mashed potatoes, Troy's Grail was to invent a suit that would enable a person to withstand a Grizzly bear attack. In the process, he lost just about everything. The ensuing documentary is highly recommended viewing; inspiring, hilarious, and deeply sad.

Troy is back and he's got a new Grail. Have a look at this recent news report and tell me he's not destined for another glorious failure. This is truly an amazing guy. But I think he's looking in the wrong market for his latest invention. There are Geeks out there who'll want to talk to Troy. Maybe one of these guys. Or even this guy.