Monday, April 26, 2010

Mean Streets for Gamers

Because I spent some bad-ass formative years EOA, I walk the dangerous parts of the city core without fear. And by dangerous parts I mean I cut through a parking lot near King and Wellington to get into the Convention Centre underground lot. That's where my rusting, beige minivan waits for me while I earn money.

Between the Convention Center and an adjacent building is a sort-of alley. Just big enough for a person to fit into, it is usually strewn with the detritus of whatever the hell goes on downtown when night falls - as you might notice below.

I make a point of peering down that alley on my twice-daily passing. Usually, there's nothing very interesting, save the occasional bad-ass squirrel (the EOA type) scrounging for whatever bad-ass squirrels need. But today I noticed something new: a cracked DVD case laying open with a shiny DVD inside.

You'll notice the handwritten lettering on the home-burned disk. You'll also notice that 'Dragon Age of Empire' is kind of nonsensical. And since you're looking at pictures here, you'll also notice I picked it up and took it home for investigation.

The disk has no viruses or trojans. The handwritten case insert has instructions for installing what appears to be a software crack. While my ageing PC cannot run this game, nor would I steal something like this, see for yourself below what I found.


Now I can only wonder how that DVD came to rest in a downtown alley frequented street folks and ne'erdowells. My theory: a stolen backpack - useless items ditched in an secluded place. Still, there's a story there, and I'm guessing the squirrels know something, but ain't talkin'.


Adam Kantor said...

I once found a copy of NCAA Football 2004 for the PS2 that had been run over by a car. I backed up and picked it up off the street and it worked fine.

Mind you I found this in late 2008 and at that point the game was old and obsolete.

David said...

Something manly and simultaneously geeky. Self-deprecating remark. Earnest backtracking in order to avoid offense.

Battle cry in hopes of currying favour!

Crazylegs said...

Am I so transparent? Rest assured, had I a more up-to-date PC, I would have installed the game. In fact, I would have even played for a little bit.

Why? Because I have the heart of a scientist.

And then I would have deleted the thing off my manchine.

Why? Because I have the soul of a saint.

Kid Dork said...

So that's where I left that damn thing.