Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Choose YOU, Pikachu!

The neverending story that my wife Dee refers to as 'Painting a Few Rooms' has, surprisingly, all but come to an end. Today, the Family Room received a final coat of Benjamin Moore and far too many touch-ups before I ceased hostilities with my brush and roller.

My son, JediBoy, strolled by as I admired my handiwork. When asked for an opinion on the choice of colours, he replied without pause, "The room looks like the inside of a Pokeball.". And he's right - it does. So I'd say we're pretty damn pleased that we can now hang out in our very own Pokeball to watch TV or read or whatever it is that Pokemon do when they're not on the clock.

And by the way, the corner of the room shown in both photos will forever hold a special meaning. As I listened to Basecast #5 for painting company, I happened to be running a brush down that very corner when Basecaster Vanessa (at 34:49 into the episode) posed a question for the Ages, "Am I not good enough to masturbate in front of?".

To which my answer must be: Pika! Pika!


Kid Dork said...

Pika. Piiiiiika.

So, if I throw your house, it will disappear and you'll appear, ready to fight other Pokemon?

So, two questions arise:

1. Am I strong enough to lift your house?


2. Is Jim Chapman a Pokemon?

Crazylegs said...

So many questions, Master Dork:

1. Pokeballs are always MUCH larger inside than outside. Renowned adulterer, Stephen Hawking, coined this the 'Snoopy's Doghouse Effect' or SDE. This is the same phenomenon that allowed J.R. Ewing to imprison sex-slave Barbara Eden quite comfortably inside an old Mateus wine bottle. I think that answers your question, right?

2. Jim Chapman is indeed a Pokemon - albeit one that no one has ever bothered to capture, including Team Rocket! Wive's tales aside, reliable witnesses confirm he is gifted with 2 powers. The first is his ability to suck all the usable oxygen from his general vicinity. The second is a sonic power that, in turn, agitates and bores everything within the sound of his voice. In all cases, his victims simply fall asleep.

Vanessa said...

Am I not?

Crazylegs said...

Why wouldn't you be?

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