Sunday, May 02, 2010

David and Dog Both Begin With 'D'

I heard through an excitedly quivering grapevine that David Sedaris is coming to London in October. I can't say that I'm a rabid fan. There's just too much media Out There and too little time Right Here. But what I've seen, I liked - in the same way I liked Spaulding Gray before he took one last swim to Cambodia.

So I thought maybe my wife and I should go see him when he lands at Centennial Hall on October 1. Off to the Innertubes went I and by pure, dumb luck I found something I had never expected:

Dog The Bounty Hunter - The Mercy Tour 2010 

Tuesday June 22 2010, 8:00 pm
Centennial Hall - Auditorium
Super VIP - includes Best seats in the house, An exclusive after party with Leland and Duane Lee, Meet N Greet and Picture with Dog, Beth, Leland, and Duane Lee, an Autographed Poster, and a SUPER VIP Commemorative Laminate
VIP - includes Best Seats in the house, a Meet N’ Greet & Picture with Dog & Beth, an autographed poster, and a VIP Commemorative Laminate

Balcony Reserved All Seats $47.00
Mezzanine All Seats $47.00
Orchestra All Seats $47.00
VIP All Seats $206.00
Super VIP All Seats $309.0

As you'll imagine, I'm absolutely torn. I cannot decide: is this or is this not a sign of the End Times?


Kid Dork said...

Imagine that after party. Imagine the guy who would sit next to you. Imagine the guy who brings his guns in to show Dog. Imagine all the tramp stamps.

So, go to Sedaris with all the hipster fuckers, or go see Dog with all the Blue drinking self tattooists.

Torn is right.

Crazylegs said...

I was too shaken to decide anything. Maybe that nice McLean fellow and his Vinyl Cafe might come to town. I'll save my money just in case.

David said...

They both require ironic detachment. Tough call.

Crazylegs said...

True, David. But I think the real determinant is going to be wardrobe self-evaluation.

Score 1 point for every item of corduroy you own.

Score 1 point for every item of leather or ballistic nylon you own.

Add 'em up, compare your totals, and you'll know your answer.

Sonny Drysdale said...

Ah, c'mon Crazy. Go for it. I bought tickets for Sedaris - and I've only read 'Naked.' Every sentence was 'Gold.'

I'd never pick up a book by the Dog titled 'Naked.' And that goes for his woman too.

Does Sedaris have any other books? Or maybe one coming out in the fall? That would be a good marketing ploy, what with the college kids getting back to town and all.

David said...

Ballistic nylon--Ah crap. Does luggage count?


Vanessa said...

I bought tickets to Sedaris too! We should have a Sedaris pre-party!

Anonymous said...