Friday, October 09, 2009

Just Nod And Agree

We ventured into Wortley Village today to buy catfood. There's a little petshop where kittens run down the aisles or sleep curled up on the counter. We go there because they stock 'healthy' brands of catfood with exotic labels. Our cat seems to prefer them (read: Mika will eat them) and the prices are actually in line with grocery-store faire.

That's where I heard the weirdest conversation of the week (even by Wortley Village standards):

Dee: Do you have any more Tiki Cat in stock?

Pet Store Lady: No. We just can't get any right now. Maybe in the future, but not right now. Our supplier used to get it straight from Thailand, but now they have to get it from the U.S. and the Feds won't let the stuff across the border for some reason.

Dee: Oh....Thailand?

Pet Store Lady: You might like Snappy Tom brand!

Dee: Okay.... Thailand?

For the record, I do not own a Tilley hat and yet, somehow, I can get into Wortley Village.


Kid Dork said...

I also frequent that store, since they are one of the few places to sell Knockout, a magic elixir that can remove the soul destroying smell of cat wee.

G. Harrison said...

you should hear the conversations at The Roaster and Black Walnut. pretty unusual too... especially before I have my second cup of java.

the name of the cat shop; is it still The Village Tail? I got a chuckle first time I read that.


Anonymous said...