Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go Ask Your Mom - Just Not Me

Not unexpectedly, I didn't make the cut to be a 2010 Disney Mom. The lovely email from the Disney folks let me down easy. They know how hectic it is to raise a family and they appreciate the I effort I put into my application. The know I completely understand how hard it was for Disney to narrow down the field out of the thousands of applicants. And while I was not selected, they are grateful that I took the time to just apply.

And you know, since I was among the earliest applicants for a coveted spot on the Disney Moms panel, they've made me a member of the exclusive Mickey Moms Club - created for all the Disney Moms and Dads that didn't make the cut.

So while I didn't expect to spend the next 12 months helping folks plan their Disney vacations, there was still a little bit of 'dammit all' after getting the Dear Mom email. My family, of course, is completely devastated. We anticipate months of counselling followed by a low-dose lithium regimen before we can subject the kids to the sight of mouse-ears. But - Walt willing - we'll get there. We'll get there together.

And, you know, there's always next year.


G. Harrison said...

to be a member of any exclusive club must mean something... i'm just not sure what in your case.


Kid Dork said...

Disney Moms? Everyone knows the hot babes are at Mickey MILFs. I mean, so I've heard. And those aren't my bookmarks. I don't know how those got there.

David said...

So there goes your chance at sit down interview with Stumpy Mongello. I feel your pain. By the way, Westjet has flights to Orlando for $69 in January. That might ease some pain.

Crazylegs said...

Gotta love those off-season airfares. With both kids in high-school, yanking them out of class for cheap vacations doesn't work anymore. Nonetheless, we already booked for Christmas with Da Mouse.

As for Loopy Mozzerella, I'd probably lose my shit waiting to find a point or take a breath, so it's better for both of us that I lost.

David said...

Christmas? Jealous! We had thought about going in Jan., but decided on Nov. 2010 instead. So, more waiting.

I can do it. Really. I can wait.


Crazylegs said...

November, eh? Well now I'm a little bit jealous. Our all-time favourite period to visit The Mouse is anytime after US Thanksgiving and into the first few weeks of December. It's off-season, so the rates are lowest and there are deals to be had. The crowds are non-existant. All the Christmas decorations are out. The weather is good.


We used to yank the kids outta school and travel then. But now we don't because it's tougher on the kids to miss a week of high-school on the semester system. Stupid kids - always getting in the way of our fun.

Anonymous said...