Sunday, October 04, 2009

And now...

... back to our regular scheduled programming, already in progress. As Aunt Bea used to say, "Holy Jeebus, Andy, but it's been a biatch of a week!". And it really was.

It started with my In-laws driving down from The Big Nickel for their annual Autumn stay here in All Mixed Up Land. That, in itself, throws a wrench into the ebb and flow of the household schedule, what with having to make sure there's ample provisions and clean blankets on hand.

On top of that:

We had our first 'university information night' for BandGeek - two-and-a-half hours of infomercial blandness punctuated by dollars threatening to fly out of the bank account.

JediBoy had an overnighter school trip requiring taxi service and packing assistance. The lesson: teenagers need access to a shower every day.

Your Scribe (that's me) spent quality time with his father-in-law installing new flooring for his sister-in-law. He also got bit by a small dog in the rain when all he was trying to do was coax the wee mutt through a broken fence back into his own yard. The fence will be fixed post-haste.

A family reunion of sorts meant that Dee and I were unable to check out Roller Girls as we had planned.

But the one thing that sticks out this week was a fundraiser concert. One of JediBoy's classmates from Grade 8 last year was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer this past Spring. The backstory is long and sad, of course. But some very hardworking folks in the community (including JediBoy and BandGeek) put together a school concert to raise funds for the family - a bit of help as they cope with all the necessities of living through their extraordinary experience. It was a pretty emotional evening - hundreds of people gathering to offer whatever they could.

But to be sitting there a few nights ago, watching Alex wheel up on stage, after 4 rounds of chemo, and belt out a kick-ass, old school, country song - well, not too many dry eyes, I'm afraid. Even the folks covering the event for A-Channel had to pause a bit. It's trite and altogether hackneyed to suggest that a 14 year-old girl fighting cancer can put the world into perspective, but that she did.

I think there were hidden messages embroidered into this week. Things never stay the same for very long, so don't miss the scenery while you're enjoying the ride.


Kid Dork said...

You've got some quality kids there, CL. You may wish to trademark them.

Oh, the coach of the Roller Girls wanted me to tell you that their last game is November 7th. And my upstairs hall could use some flooring. I'm just thinking of you. Don't want those skills to atrophy or anything.

Crazylegs said...

Thx KD. I have to say - all the kids and adults did a heckuva job with the concert.

And Nov 7 is already circled on the calendar. So there.

As for your upstairs hall... I'm always game to lend a hand, but understand that these jobs are *always* a learning experience ;)

Yes, I used a winking smily thing.

Kid Dork said...

Good God, you *did*.

Boing Boing changes its look and now you use emoticons. I hear the thunder of the Horsemen's hooves...

Anonymous said...