Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taking Stock And Feeling Frightened

Tomorrow I have to go to Toronto for a meeting. It's not my favourite way to spend a Wednesday, but it's an infrequent-yet-necessary evil that comes with my job. The silver lining is that I always get to travel Via1, which means big chairs, decent meals, and lots of wine.

So here's the thing that is giving me pause to reflect: I apparently have a deep-rooted need to pack geek survival gear for even the shortest of trips. Tomorrow's sojourn will see me on the 6:30am train to Toronto and returning on the Noon train back to London - a journey lasting about 8 hours in total, with at least 4 hours involving 'sitting on trains'.

As I peer inside my shoulder bag (it's a very manly leathery thing) I find:

- a fully-charged iPod with an up-to-date selection of music, videos, Disney podcasts, and games
- a standby iPod charger
- the first 2 volumes of Sandman
- a plastic Mewtew (good luck charm - long story)
- a couple of thumb drives containing gawd-knows-what
- a disposable digital vidcam
- a couple of pieces of paper which I probably need for my meeting

Sure hope I don't get bored.


Adam Kantor said...

since you asked...

My manly Samsonite leather briefcase always contains the following:

- too many magazines (last time I checked there were 2 Wired, 2 Fortune, and a Sports Illustrated)
- 1 book I never have time to read (this usually changes week to week)
- a PSP
- a DS
- a digital camera

What's funny is that the only traveling I do is the 13km to work.

David said...

I travel the same way. I always carry my Palm Vx with me so that I always have 22 books on hand.

We fear boredom. And interaction evidently.

Sonny Drysdale said...

when traveling the rails via the CNR, I always found it a good idea to book a sleeping berth and pick up that month's 'Playboy' from the station's News Depot - just before boarding and the ol' lady has already drove off waving Goodbuy. ... this is all Expense Account stuff, right CL?

if not, the box-car is a nice alternative. Chances are there will still be lots of red wine, canned sardines (imported) and hopefully a few sing-alongs - like 'Fly in the Buttermilk' or 'Jimmy Crack Corn' with your fellow compadre journeymen.

And remember - Travel is not about The Destination, it's all about The Journey.

And remember The Alamo.

Crazylegs said...

We're totally copacetic, Sonny. There are few finer experiences than the gentle rocking of the boxcar while drinking strong hooch from a clean tin-can - all the better if you have like-minded companions.

You, riding the rails is one of the more human ways to travel these days - infrastructure, experienced people, and lots of history all converging to make it easy and stress-free to get from Here to There. You know, I saw 6 deer and 2 hawks from the comfort of my seat. And the hooch wasn't bad, either.

David said...

I saw two deer, three hawks, and four turkey vultures on my bicycle ride to work today. And I was barely drunk. Very civilized indeed.

Kid Dork said...

I also have to endure the horrors of VIA One next month. I despise getting pleasantly drunk while watching scenery roll pleasantly past, but such are the sacrifices we must make.

I always carry my Culture Bag when I go to work or travel. It's my escape from David's aforementioned boredom, and also reminds me of who I am. Currently it contains:

--a sketchbook and three different types of pencils

-copies of Analog and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

--a notebook

--the latest issue of Cemetery Dance

--Volume 10 of the Bleach manga

-MP3 player

Oh, and weird: Ninja and I were just discussing Mewto on Friday.

Crazylegs said...

Wow! I'm not alone! But I wonder who wins the prize for heaviest bag'o'fun?

Adam - A PSP *and* a DS? That seems very hardcore - or it's a gentle cry for Ritalin ;)

David - It warms the heart to hear you carry a Palm. I love(d) all things Palm, and I very much miss my old Palm Tx. I'd dearly like to believe the Palm Pre will do well (and be affordable). We'll see.

Sonny - I'm guessing you carry a harmonica and a little book of hobo markings. A traveller *has* to know where the free eats can be found.

KD - You said 3 very cool things: (1) Culture Bag! I love it and I will use it! (2) A sketch-pad, eh? An old-school multi-media artist.. (3)I cannot imagine the context for discussing Mewtwo with one's Ninja-equivalent, but I have learned to never second-guess an Alpha Geek.

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