Saturday, May 02, 2009

best. FCBD. evar. almost.

Today was a far more productive Free Comic Book Day than I had even hoped. My usual FCBD compadre, JediBoy, was at a school event (long story...) that kept him tied up until Noon-ish. This threw a major wrench into our plans in a few ways: (1) we wouldn't be hitting the streets until the afternoon and (2) JediBoy was coming off his first all-nighter (again, long story...) which I feared would sap his staying power.

Of course, FCBD is about the collective power of geekery, and JediBoy was able to roll a pretty decent Stamina score. In fact, we were able to hit all 6 participating stores in town, which is a first for us! Our FCBD bags came home absolutely stuffed with treasure. In addition to the freebies, we continued our tradition of purchasing a little something at every comic-book store we hit - just our way of saying 'thanks', I suppose.

A few of the highlights of the day:

- Standing in line at Heroes and hearing someone 10 line-minutes behind us offer a free pizza to the crowd - an offer that was quickly accepted.

- Running into a good friend (with his 2 little kids in tow) and having a few minutes for breezy chat

- Serious haggling in the basement of L.A. Mood with a fellow who just wanted to move merchandise out the door, price be damned

- Seeing Sailer Moon cosplayers sashaying up and down Dundas Street

- Discussing with Bruno the best strategy for avoiding crowded screenings of Wolverine

- Getting that last passport stamp....

So what about the 'almost' part, you ask?

Since I was on JediBoy's schedule and had no idea of how we would be attacking FCBD, I had little hope of a pre-arranged confab with noted geeks, Kid Dork and Jim Dandy. That was kind of disappointing on it's own. Karma wasn't done with me yet, however. As I pointed the red Matrix down Dundas Street at approximately 1:40pm in search of parking spaces, imagine the biatch-slap as I spied Mssrs. Dork and Dandy in the environs of Heroes. A third member of the party was spotted but not identfied. I'm assuming it was Mrs. Dork(?). A U-turn was not possible (and would have been slightly stalkeresque), so all I could do was watch green sneakers disappear into my rear-view mirror's horizon.

So guys, I still have my $1.45 for a large double-double. Maybe some other time, eh?

In the meantime, I have some reading to do.


Sonny Drysdale said...

Crazy - that was me you spotted with Dandy Jim and the Kid.

I haven't cut my hair in 17 years and still have my girlish figure.

Crazylegs said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Sonny. You've *got* to give me the name of your personal trainer.

Honestly, I didn't get a look at the mysterious Third Person, so maybe I've insulted a lesser-statured friend of Kid's. I dunno - between the green sneakers, Mr. Dandy's bare legs, and the snoring coming from Jediboy next to me, it's a wonder I managed to keep the car on the road.

David said...

Yes, I wore shorts and sandals. What can I say, I get hot. And that was the Vulcan Ninja with us. Third wheel just had to bust up the man-date. We were just coming out of the Market after coffee and exploding tarts and were debating the merits of the Heroes line-up.

I am glad to hear that you got out with JB and had some fun. Was there a ton of free stuff or what?

That said, you were missed. Next time scream something unintelligible out the window of your car. That would be funny.

I think my free Dazzler comic was the find of the day.

Kid Dork said...

Yes, to confirm, that was Vulcan Ninja. And she can kick your ass, so just you watch it.

And Jim Dandy did geek out over that Dazzler. That was my highlight of the day. That and the lesson on how awesome Jack Kirby is, even if it's his 2001 comic.

David said...

Dazzler, so bad it's really bad. And being an 80s book, she had a jacket over her tights. Short-waisted no less, with pockets on the sleeves. And a "don't do drugs" message. On FCBD. I got a little excited.

Anonymous said...