Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jet D'ewwww

London's brand-spanking new flood-control system is deemed 'ineffective'. Sources inside City Hall blame the Metric system, a rusted compass, and Board of Control. More details as the story unfolds.


Kid Dork said...

I've heard that if you pass through that arch created by the water, you end up in 1955 London. It's the final magic of the Blackburn family.

Crazylegs said...

It's true! I lashed together some logs left over from that big tree they disassembled down by Harris Park, and then I floated myself through that magical arch. Oh, it was wonderful! I visited the Simpson's Christmas windows - a fairy land if ever there was one! Then I pushed through the crowds and wound up at the old London Hotel, where I got myself a seat at the soda fountain and queched my considerable thirst with a strawberry float. They had a TV going and wouldn't you know that they were showing Bill Brady's old TV show, Act Fast.

I'd have stayed there, too, if it weren't for the bad haircuts and black-and-white everywhere - colour didn't come to London until 1967, you know. I think was one of those Centennial projects.

David said...

Oohh, flood control. Right. I thought it was cheap sculpture. I figgered that at night they would turn on a blue spotlight and make it all pretty.

Anonymous said...