Sunday, June 28, 2009


In no particular order, stuff that has been keeping me off the Innertubes for the past week or so:

JediBoy graduated Grade 8 last week, so we are officially done with elementary school. It was a nice evening with the just the right sense of occasion about it, notwithstanding the predaliction for the larger girls to wear the shorter dresses. I have to believe clothes shops are employing fun-house mirrors these days. Back to the point: The Boy carried himself well and quietly walked off with an armful of awards. We really-and-truly couldn't be prouder of that guy.

My In-Laws - from Voidlands north of Sudbury - were invited guests for the JediBoy festivities, so we've had company. I enjoy hanging out with my father-in-law, but it's always a challenge keeping him busy. On this visit, he had some bathroom renovation work lined up at my sister-in-law's which meant, of course, so did I. He's disappeared back to the north country and I have a vanity still to be installed. I am Karma's bitch.

My fountain idea continues to twist and morph and I have yet to actually do anything. It started off as a simple idea to mount a couple of Grecian-style pots on the edge of the pond and have them spew a gentle trickle into the pond. Then I decided that maybe I could mount some coloured LED bulbs inside the urn - maybe even in-line with the water! From there, I imagined creating a Mickey Mouse topiary that would be holding a magic fountain pot! Alas, I can no longer find the right topiary frame and so I think I'm back to my original idea. On a postive note, I've learned a ton about topiaries and I'm thinking that making one would be a cool project on its own. And I've got this neat idea to make a 'leapfrog fountain' using solenoid valves and the principles of laminar flow and..... *sigh* Never happen.

Carnival of Monsters won't let me post any comments. It's probably for the best - some might say.

Anathem has been started. I shall say no more until there is more to say.

There are rumblings of another Geek Meet in July. I'm down for that (as the kids say). As far as I know, my only no-fly-zones are July 11, 12, and 18.

Oh, and it looks like I have a bird feeder to fix.


Kid Dork said...

You truly send me into a black pit of despair and envy, CL. Your projects are the sorts of things Olympians ponder and create. Topiary? A working pond? Things that flow? A VANITY? Who is this god that walks among us? I'm still trying to figure out a way to re-attach cupboard cover thingies.

As for CoM, I don't know what's up with that. I shall look into it.

Good luck with ANATHEM. I have it, but probably won't get to it until winter. (Friends are sending me their books to read, so duty is as duty calls.) But you are a brave soul.

David said...

No kidding KD. I had no luck keeping pond going, let alone adding lights, plant surgery, and solenoids. Cripes.

Thanks for the date update. We'll meet again soon, even if my elaborate plans fail. There's always the Market. Best of luck on the vanity.

Crazylegs said...

Thanks, guys - but my plans are always more elaborate than what reality will permit. Case in point: the pond was supposed to be a sort of smallish knick-knack for the backyard. It turned out very different. Read: a large money pit lined with anxiety.

David - I'm intrigued, but if elaborate = cosplay/LARF, there will be blood ;)

Anonymous said...