Monday, February 16, 2009

For You Shall Know My Meme...

Life is full of coincidences, right?

Like when I'd light up a smoke at a bus stop (in a past life, alright?), it was a guarantee that the bus would come by within 30 seconds - schedule be damned.

Like when I send the kids to school in light jackets and shorts, it's pretty much a certainty that snow is coming soon.

Like when I have a day off and time to make a big breakfast for myself, it's one of the 62 holidays that shut down the Freeps' printing presses (and I have to force one of the kids out the door to find me a real paper before breakfast gets cold).

Like when I post a crappy little piece about Facebook on February 3rd and someone else - someone who gets paid for these kinds of things - posts their less-crappy little piece about Facebook on February 7th.

Karma says that Herman might owe me a beer. I'll even go with something domestic.