Thursday, February 05, 2009

Angst Is For Emo Kids

Leave it to KD and David to pull back on the joystick when the mood of the blogosphere starts into a death spin of introspection and general boringness (oh ya, that's a word). My own measly postings of late have the distinct whininess usually reserved for the inside cover of a teenager's school binder (only with less doodling). I get it, guys - time to lighten up.

Since I'm currently ripping old vinyl, I'll share this overly-earnest toe-tapper from the past.


Kid Dork said...

Ah, the Icicle Works. I always thought playing that album would just lure cool chicks to me like Allman Brothers musics lures whores.

Didn't work.

David said...

Again, KD, you were trying to lure smark chicks. They don't take bait the same way as "some sort of fishing analogy apropos of slutty girls" would. Next reincarnation, lower your standards. Put "conversation about books" low on your list.

Anonymous said...