Friday, December 29, 2006

Break Time

I'm outta here for a week. In a few short hours I'll be relaxing my way behind a steering wheel as we careen down I-94 to Detroit Metro Airport. There, I'll be further relaxed as I cram into an aisle seat in what passes for air travel these days. But it'll be worth it when we disembark at Orlando airport and I see the first palm tree; assuming the luggage arrives.

Disney, I'm coming for you.

And I'm bringing my wallet.

See you all soon.


Anonymous said...

I am filled with jealousy without bound. For years Disney was part of my family's winter escape (as my dear mother hates the cold), and I love it like a dear friend. It is one of the few places I drop my cynical veneer and just have fun. Which is a sad statement about me, but what the hell. Enjoy the magic.

Anonymous said...

Do me a favour and--I know this asking a lot--go on 'It's A Small World'. The last time I was on it, the smell of chlorine and the refuse floating beside the singing urchins was a cynical man's dream.

Now I'm all misty eyed, wishing I was in the Magic Kingdom. I still remember being hugged by Goofy, and it was the most unconditional moments of love I've experienced.

Sonny Drysdale said...

C.L. - Welcome back.

Now, what was your favorite ride? I was at Disneyland a couple of years ago and by far the most bizarre attraction was 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride' in which you are fastened into little jalopies, careen around the inside of a woooden building, crash into a dynamite factory and then end up in Hell. Literally.

This was in the kiddies' section of the park - next to the Flying Dumbo rides and the spinning tea cups.

Oh, that Uncle Walt - whatta character!

Anonymous said...