Saturday, October 20, 2012

Birthday Time!

So JediBoy turned 17 yesterday. In my mind's eye, he's been 12 for an eternity - perhaps because that matches my own mental age. Stll, there's no denying that my youngest brat is getting older. If there's an upside to being reminded of my own mortality like this, it's that finding a birthday present for JediBoy is easy-peasy these days. I pretend to buy something for myself, I wrap it in pretty paper, and I give to him.

Thanks to family far and wide, the boy hauled in some Doctor Who and Minecraft nerd-wear, Dishonored for Xbox, and some books courtesy of Doctorow, Moore, and Inman. While I'm well past being able to share clothes with a tall, skinny teenager, I look forward to reading his books and playing his games once a respectful number of days have passed (I calculate 17 is about right).

But back to my own mortality since this is my blog. Once the rest of the house had gone to bed, JediBoy and I retired to the basement to catch a few episodes of Adventure Time and sip an illicit bottle of birthday beer (his Mom will never find out). In between making our standard WTF Faces at Finn and Jake, I kept reminding myself that things are changing. In a few months, the boy will be figuring out his post-high-school plans. A few months after that he could be moving to some other town to attend school.

I want the best for him, of course. But I selfishly don't want things to change too much for me. The idea of sitting alone to play my video games or watch my zombies - it's a sad picture. I know my wife will try to step up her geekiness (she'a already hardcore into Doctor Who), but I still lament the idea that JediBoy won't be in his chair while I'm in mine.

In the meantime, I'll be waiting patiently for the Xbox to be free.