Friday, January 14, 2011

Sharp Edged Colours

This post has only one purpose: showing off. If you're expecting big laughs and small sarcasm (think I got that backwards), then I recommend you let your eyes gently sweep to the right side of this page where you'll find a lovely selection of other Blogs that will suit your needs.

So, back to showing off. My wife, Dee, has taken an interest in learning to make things out of stained glass. While I expected her night courses to produce an abundance of ashtrays and coffee mugs (those are made from stained glass or something, right?), she aimed much higher.

Drawing inspiration from a recent trip to Moab, Utah where we hiked to Delicate Arch, she turned this vacation photo...

...into a piece of glassy artistry:

Pretty cool, huh?

And because I know it's on your mind, the answer is 'yes'. That's me in the picture sweating from the hike while Dee is pretending not to.