Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Do You Call 10 Geeks Sitting Around a Table?

A pretty fine way to spend an afternoon. Thanks again to the The Kid for pulling everyone together. I'm already looking forward to the next Meet!


Kid Dork said...

Adam sounded the horn and set the signal fires. I just rallied the troops. It was a good day. Highlight of my weekend.

But we may have to find another venue. The preps and the jocks said they're going to give us swirlies if we hang out in the cafeteria again.

David said...

Fuckity fuck fuck. Of all the days to miss a meet.

Change the venue if you want KD, but I was jock and ain't nobody giving my boys a swirly. Plus, have you noticed how big Adam is? Dude's an eclipse.

Crazylegs said...

All the more reason to get together again, David.

But listen, what's a reasonable working definition of 'jock'? I mean, can one have played high school sports and *not* be considered a jock?

I played high school soccer which, at that time, was beyond the radar of any bonafide jockiness. I also went to WOSSA for - wait for it - badminton. Granted, I had never actually played badminton in a gymnasium prior to my one-and-only WOSSA appearance (long story).

Layer on a D&D obsession and weekend-long games of Risk and, technically, I would have been a solid candidate for swirlies.

What the fuck were we talking about?

David said...

"can one have played high school sports and *not* be considered a jock?"

Absolutely. You and are living proof. But, to the uber geeks and ultra-smokers in my high school, I was a jock. I didn't play D&D, didn't read comics, and didn't wear rocker shirts. But I'll leave any labeling up to KD, as he was there.

It goes without saying that playing soccer and badminton puts you firmly in the geek camp (just kidding). I played high school badminton too, but the coach was the senior football and basketball coach, so it was a cool sport. Weird times.

What are we talking about?

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David said...

Why can't these fucking spammer learn basic html code?


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Gaaaahhhh! Another one!

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