Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Story So Far...

I'm alive. The flight was uneventful if you discount my Drama Queen aisle-mate and her 4 kids. I know her life story and it's been a hard-knock one at that. Otherwise, it was the typical trip into MCO and onto Disney in a crappy domestic rental car.

The first few nights were at the The Swan and we've moved to the Yacht Club for the remainder of the week. The weather is cool-ish, but just fine by me. We've had a bit of rain, but mostly sun so far.The crowds have been uneven - sometimes lots of people, sometimes not so much.

Some highlights so far: Backstage tour of the steam train operations at the Magic Kingdom, lunch at the Teppen Edo (Epcot) where a Japanese dude throws knives in frontof your face while he cooks your meal, after hours Christmas party at the Magic Kingdom, and riding lots of rides.

And some lowlights: rental scooters and wheelchairs for the morbidly obese and the ambulatory unethical - all for the chance to queue-jump where possble, people lining up for turkey legs (see previous), and NASCAR ('nuff said).

And now, pictures.

Main Street (Magic Kingdom) before opening.

The Roy O. Disney in the roundhouse.

Dee and The Boy doing the Astro Orbit.

A lonely Snow Speeder.

Christmas Castle.

Yacht Club dock.

View from The Swan towards The Dolphin.

Tom Sawyer's Island at the Magic Kingdom.

There's the fix of pics for now (requests will be considered). Tonight we're back to Disney Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic. Tomorrow we're going to stow away on th Shuttle out on the coast. Wish me luck.



David said...

Great pics, especially the one of Main Street. My request is for anything new you can get from Space Mtn. and some perspective on Toy Story Stringy Pull.

I am curious about the crowds (with next year in mind), especially the volume at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. And did hearing Allwine's voice make you sad? Were the flags at half mast/staff due to Roy's death? Was Pirato y el Perico (whatever) open? How do you find the new TTA spiel? Lastly, what did you do with Adam?

Crazylegs said...

So many questions, Master Dandy. I'll do my best with some new pics in the next day or two. Space Mtn refurb is nice - not radical, but some nice touchs in the queue and a smoother ride mechanism. Toy Story Mania is a lot of fun, but not a game-changer in the attractions dept. That said, it's super popular (45 minute wait at 15 minutes after rope-drop).

Crowds have been weird (likely the up and down thermometer). Some days have been walk-on for rides, others have been Fastpass all the way. MVMCP was pretty busy (our night was sold out), but we still did a ton of stuff - no probs.

I'll give you a full report over coffee real soon. I have lots of opinions about stuff, not th least of which is 'when to go'.

Sonny Drysdale said...

Is there a 'Club 33' down Orlando way, or is that just an Anahein thing?

Or is all of Disney World one big Club 33?

... enjoying the travelogue by the way.

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Anonymous said...

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David said...

"Brim over I acquiesce"

That is no way to sell Viagra son.

CL, I look forward to your insights.

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