Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Sithmas to All

With any luck, this time tomorrow will see me comatose in the fluffy bosom of DisneyWorld. Between now and then lies a midday drive to Detroit, a dinner-time flight to Orlando, and a short negotiation from MCO to Disney through the predictable mid-Florida drizzle.

I'm really and truly hoping to put up a few blogposts over the next week - and I'll be sharing a few photos along the way. I'm kind of excited about this (assuming I have the stamina). In addition to the usual DisneyWorld stuff, we have a few special things planned: helping get the Magic Kingdom steam trains running before park opening, celebrating Christmas at an after-hours Disney party, checking out the Space Shuttle, and a few other surprises.

But I'm a cautious fellow, too. Some might even call me pessimistic. So in case the whole 'blogging from inside the magic' thing doesn't work out the way I hope it does, let me extend my very best Holiday Wishes to all of the geeks and ne'erdowells who stop in here from time to time.

See you soon (I hope).


G. Harrison said...

Have an eventful trip and I look forward to notes from the land of all things Disney.


David said...

Ahh, Christmas at Disney. Nothing finer. Have a great trip.

Adam Kantor said...

Have a great trip!

You don't know this, but that extra piece of luggage you have that weighs over 200lbs... yeah, that's me in there. Shhh.

Don't worry, I wont' get in the way.

Kid Dork said...

Have a good time in the Magic Kingdom. And, oh, if you can make that portal that allows the rest of us to join you, please do. But please don't have it open right into the waters of It's A Small World *again*. I mean, that water hasn't been changed since Walt's head started talking in Bablyon-ese.

Anonymous said...