Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Whence They Came

When I'm really bored I like to check the tracking info for this blog and find out how people end up here. Obviously I exclude the 4 or 5 sick puppies who come here on a semi-regular basis of their own volition. Usually, it's pretty pedestrian stuff - somebody Googling for theater of cruelty or one of its isotopes. Other times it's someone even further to the right than I on the Bored-O-Meter who clicks 'next blog' just for giggles - and wins the lottery.

But sometimes.... sometimes I scratch my head and wonder what chain of events, what drunken scheming, what wild-ass lost bet led them here. So, here are some recent Google faves that inexplicably resulted in some poor bastard clicking a link to my Vanity Project:

tourist spots in London Ontario - a paradox, since Google should return no hits

Seinfeld hair - can't even imagine what they were after

crocs bare feet - do clowns 'go commando' inside their big floppy shoes?

bullwhips london ontario - makes me feel tingly all over

theater of cruelty pictures - sick individual or English lit major? You decide.

knights of the dinner table geocaching - a geek looking for fresh air and daylight. Godspeed son.

So, how'd you get here?


Sonny Drysdale said...

I work two doors down from you in the office at Burns' Atomic Energy and Auto Parts - and I've had a secret crush on you for years.

David said...

It could be worse, people searching for badger deterrent end up on my patch.

Sheena said...

Don't get my started on my hit rates from "splooge"

whitenoise said...

Now, how did She end up here? ;-)

I've collected 60 or 70 links over the past year, can't remember when I bookmarked you, but you must have said something thoughtful/amusing at that time...


Anonymous said...