Friday, February 16, 2007

Life is Februray

Many years ago, I was with a group of friends at bar. Everyone was just cutting loose - chatting, drinking, smoking (those were the good ol' days). Through the general din and nonsense, Someone said something and Someone Else misheard Someone and, magically, the phrase Life is February entered our lexicon.

We laughed a bit at how a mistake-of-the-ear in a student bar on a Friday night could produce such a pithy philosophy. But we knew it was true. Life is February, sometimes - too short from the outside, too long from the inside, a little bit odd, a little bit overcast, and a little purposeless. What's February for after all? What it's reason for being? Why does it seem to last forever and, yet, get nowhere in particular?

That's kind of how it's been this month for me. Too much shit to worry about and too little energy to deal with it, but I'm determined to make progress. I just need to get something done - get something behind me.

And this is how it starts - post something here after almost 2 weeks of silence. It's not really for you; it's for me. And I just accomplished something.

Think I'm going to track down Shinobi and watch it with JediBoy.


Sheena said...

Interesting. IN our family, the phrase "February is Free Month" has been around as long as I can remember. An unofficial contest tracking how many free things we can get/scam/win. Dollar value is less important than creativity. And a way to put a positive spin on the negative.

I won the year that my cat accidentally got declawed at the vet when he went in for neutering because it got mixed up with another white cat.

Dollar value of the free declawing, free neutering, free bags of food and free shots was well over $300.

Just another perspective. hmm.. maybe I'll do a post on that topic. Thanks for the reminder.

sooey said...

my b-day is in february. i call it the forgotten month. thanks to my mom who'd ask in march, "did you have a birthday, yet?" you'd think she had 20 kids and not just 4. uncaring old bag.

i should send her some cat food, i guess. she likes whiskas.

blog on crazy legs.

Anonymous said...