Friday, September 15, 2006

Cheap Date

Having recently replaced our Most Excellently Aged and Crappy furnace and air conditioner, any hope of taking a vacation somewhere, sometime soon has all but disappeared into a financial event horizon.

But with a little imagination and a lot of technology, anyone can vacation anywhere from the cramped corner where most of us hunch over our home computers.

"What you talkin' 'bout Crazylegs?", you're asking. "Fill me in wouldja?".

Here's the recipe:

A roux consisting of your home PC and enough comfy chairs for your travelling companions

A large dollop of Internet connection (the bigger, the better)

A splash of Quicktime movie trailers

A healthy shake or two of Google Earth

Mix well, and explore!

The kids and I make this a monthly habit it seems.

First, watch and re-watch all the latest movie trailers. It's entertaining and it's sometimes educational; what with all those interesting people doing interesting in interesting places we can't afford to go.

Afterwards, take a virtual flight anywhere on the globe and look at stuff - often in amazing detail. One of our favourite games; zoom into DisneyWorld and try to identify all the rides in the theme parks from our lofty perch high in the sky.

You make your fun where you find it, and it always kills a few hours for us.

Cheap date, indeed.