Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are They Flirting or What?

Help me out here - I'm confused.

It started with the older lady who prepares my inevitable plain-toasted-bagel-with-cream-cheese-please on those mornings when breakfast at home is impossible. I didn't take too much notice at first, but now that I'm paying attention - or what passes for 'paying attention' before the first cuppa joe - I'm finding that Bagel Lady is getting a tad, er, familiar.

"Here's your bagel, luvey.".

Luvey? "Well", I thought. "Maybe that's just how older ladies who sling bagels all day talk to their customers. Sort of a 'brassy dame' thing".

It always sounds kind of forced; like she's looking for her signature line and trying this one on for size. But, I'm getting used to it. My wince probably isn't even noticable anymore.

Today, it happens again. I pickup an iced tea at a mall food court establishment and the not-so-older lady slips me a quick, "Here's ya go dear" with my refreshment.

Dear? Beverage Lady looked to be my age, maybe even younger!

So what's it all about? Is this some new service industry meme? Am I getting more attractive in my middle-aged years? Is this all just faux friendliness?

Or is it just me?


Kid Dork said...

I think as we creak into middle age, we all become somewhat 'cute' to the fairer sex. Young women call us 'Sir', older ladies call us 'luv', women our own age wonder if they should have married us instead of the ones they ended up with."Well, he wasn't exactly a movie star when he was twenty, but he's cute now." I mean, that's my take on it. Our masculinity has faded, taking away that aggressive edge all males have until their mid thirties.

Now, we're just amiable furniture.

Sheena said...

Or maybe you look rich.

Crazylegs said...

Rich? That must be it! I knew my sneakers - US$25 at the Lake Buena Vista Target - would be too much of a giveaway. Gotta remember to dress down when I go slumming in malls.

Anonymous said...