Saturday, July 15, 2006

What? No Party?

Well, I'm back after a 2 week hiatus and this place hasn't changed much. I'm guessing I need a focused campaign to:
  1. Provide more edgy, compelling content - but that means I need focus and...ummm...content?
  2. Advertise my wee corner of the Net a little more. Goal: Have this blog appear at the top of the list for all Google searches for 'crazylegs'. Baby steps, always start with baby steps.
While my 2-pronged marketing plan refines itself in the back of my brain, I'll fill the vacuum with a few meandering thoughts about my 2 weeks at The Family Cottage - provided I can shout above the din of crickets chirping and wolves howling under a lonely full Moon.
  • personal electronic devices (such as my iPod) are invaluable when spending any time in an outhouse. Extra points if it's the middle of the night and scary sounds are all about.
  • what did we do before Bell ExpressVu? There's something wonderfully bizarre about being in the middle of nowhere and pulling down 500 channels.
  • 2 weeks without Internet access is cruel
  • baby Ravens are bigger than you'd think and can actually swim for short distances however unintentional it is...
  • Harvest Moon on a Gameboy SP is sorta cruel, too. This only makes sense if you've played Harvest Moon on a Gameboy SP.
  • Band Geek can swim better than I can. In a related vein, I have no problem using the pink pool noodle as a primary flotation device.
  • there's no such thing as a crappy chore if you're doing it beside a body of water (yes.... I was repairing a dock recently)
  • Internet access redux: Using a cell phone to browse the Web is stupid - unless you're doing it from an outhouse, of course.
  • food always tastes better on vacation, but I find I eat less. What gives?
  • I can't hold my breath under water as long as used to....
  • crappy chore corollary: any work done in sweltering heat that requires concentration and the use of both hands is, inevitably, perceived as a buffet invitation by biting insects of prehistoic proportions
  • whatever we build, Nature will wear it away given half a chance
  • Mead (as in wine mixed with honey) is actually pretty tasty stuff!
  • No one - and I mean no one - looks good with a diving mask on their face
  • avoiding the news of the World for 2 weeks is a good thing. Finding out how the World can change in those 2 weeks is a bad thing.


Sheena said...

Internet access redux: Using a cell phone to browse the Web is stupid - unless you're doing it from an outhouse, of course.

I hear you. There are a few sites & blogs that I frequent that are a pain in the ass on Blackberry. I'd like to tell them in order to make my life easier, but then I keep my mouth shut because it just sounds pathetic.

And I make it a rule NEVER to touch anyone else's phone/BB for precisely the reason you have articulated, CrazyLegs.

Kid Dork said...

Harvest Moon is like crack. I've done the absinthe that is Animal Crossing, but I know if touch the 'Moon, I'm done for. My miniscule writing output will just wither and die.

Mead? Had it for the first time--where else?--at a Dungeons and Dragons game. Expected it be more Viking-ish. I can't see anyone drinking it in Valhalla. Guinness, yes, but mead? I mean, it's not a bad drink, but I just expected...something else.

Anonymous said...

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