Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tardy Boy

Now there are shades of meaning to Tardy Boy. Your choices:
  1. A terribly unclever putdown based on a variant of 'tard'; as in "what a (re)tard he is!".
  2. Recognition of a lack of overall timeliness in personal and professional matters.
  3. A character from a wildly unsuccessful series of Young Persons mystery novels written by Franklin W. Dixon's younger and lesser-know brother, Stan
If you guessed (1), you likely found this site by accident and it's also likely you believe Oscar Wilde produces a line of luncheon meats.

If you guessed (3), your trivia knowledge is reasonably impressive, but not quite (the rest of you should refer to Wikipedia).

Which leaves us with the correct answer of (2) and my sincere apologies to my legions of regular readers for a lack of new stuff as of late. No excuses are offered other than, "I've been busy". While my fingers have made only the most fleeting contact with my keyboard this week, I do have a mental backlog (insert the obvious joke here) of posts that may/may not entertain and/or bore you all.

Some possible posts in the days ahead may opine on such diverse subjects as:
  • why I'm mad at CBC Radio
  • how landscapers make me feel inadequate about my body image and my choice of fashions
  • how to have fun with 45,000 pounds of water
  • the awesome responsibility of having too many books
  • 'NSYNC had 4 guys who weren't gay?
  • and many, many more!
For now, time grows short as the hours grow long. But I'll be back. Oh yes, I'll be back....


Kid Dork said...

I went out and bought ' A Brief History of British Sea Power' on your say-so...and love it. This isn't really my cup of tea, and I never in my life would have considered buying a book like that. But now I feel proud to have stood beside Nelson's tomb. Okay, maybe not proud, but it makes more sense to me.

The battle between Richard and the Saracens sounds like a horrific Python sketch.

Crazylegs said...

Wow! I am honoured and quite relieved that you sought out this book and are loving it based on my humble recommendation, KD!

I'm a late-comer to this cup of tea, myself, and I'm a bit sad it took me so long. I understand what you say about Nelson's tomb. Some 20-odd years ago I was fortunate enough to spend a short vacation in the UK, but I really wish I'd known more history back then to really grok the whole experience.

If you're into it, I'd recommend a viewing of the recently-made Horatio Hornblower series and even 'Master and Commander'. These vids seem to have got it right.

What blows me away about 'A Brief Hostory...' is the sheer volumes of ships, men, years, etc. involved in these naval battles and expeditions. Amazing.

Oh... one further fanboy-ish recommendation. Blue Latitudes follows the author as he re-traces Cooks voyages around the world and intersperses his hilarious/sad/fascinating present-day edventures with Cook's historical record.

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

Anonymous said...