Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guess I Overslept or Something

Showing up here every month or two with nothing much to say was never my intention. I'll need to fix that. So listen, I'll do my best to show up here far more frequently. In return - assuming you show up, too - you'll kind of overlook the fact that I still have nothing much to say. It can be one of those secrets we both know and dare not admit to each other beyond the awkward honesty of direct eye-contact. Deal?

Where were we? Right, Disney stuff.

So we went there and it was great fun. August in Florida means hot weather, and we had lots of it.And where there is hot, humid weather there is oftem thunderstorms, and we had lots of those, too. But the weather did not get in our way in the least. In fact, it served to chase off the more fragile tourists and, on one occasion, left us with an entire waterpark to ourselves. That was a fun evening once I got rid of the my Omega Man vibe.

It was a quick trip for sure - arrived on a Tuesday and home on the following Sunday. The weirdest part was leaving my daughter behind (sucks to grow up and hold a job, eh?). We struggled a bit without the more-perfect symmetry of having a foursome at the House of Mouse. Things just didn't fit right sometimes - rides and attractions aren't built for odd-numbered parties.

As for the big day - my wife's birthday - it seemed to be everything she hoped for. She got her rope-drop birthday button at EPCOT and was wished 'Happy Birthday' more times than we could count. She got to join forces with Agent P to solve a theme-park mystery. After a sprint and a soaking under a Florida downpour, we had a lovely lunch at Teppan Edo where I made sure the staff acknowledged her birthday with just the right amount of embarrassment. Many giraffes posed for pictures just off the balcony of our hotel room. And she got to finish off her day in a plummeting elevator.

What else could one ask for, eh?

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