Saturday, April 18, 2009

Got Shovel?

This is an actual headline from CNN:

CNN retakes lead in Twitter battle with Ashton Kutcher

Let that sink in a moment. Let it roll around your brain and mingle with your stored-away facts and thoughts and aspirations.


Now tell me honestly: You're thinking it's time to build that bomb shelter and get it stocked, right?

I thought so.


Adam Kantor said...

I think this misses the point of Twitter. I use Twitter to communicate the important details of my life, such as what I ate for breakfast and when I plan to eat lunch. I don't have many followers, but of the few that I do I can easily say that I know all them like my brother.

In all seriousness I haven't spoken to my brother in 6 months and I couldn't even tell you what state he's living in right now.

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Crazylegs said...

Adam - There's no greater praise I can give than to say you've made me smile on a Sunday morning even before the first pot of coffee is brewed.

I actually think Twitter is pretty cool and - in some cases - pretty useful.

But Ashton Kutcher just needs to go away. He needs to go to whatever secret place one might find Steve Guttenberg - and just stay there.

David said...

I still can't figure out why anyone uses Twitter, or why people follow me when I never tweet. I understand even less why anyone follows a celebrity.

Well, I'm off to follow Adam and see what's for lunch. I hope it's soup!

Crazylegs said...

Heh heh - you said tweet.

David said...

I'm a sucker for jargon. Speaking of tweets, did you ever see the video about Flutter. It's all about the "flaps".

Anonymous said...