Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Wishes For You

We've spent the past few days having a pre-Christmas visit with Dee's folks in the frigid environs of Levack, Ontario. I had high hopes to post a few pictures from there - just to show the folks in the Banana Belt what -32C looks like. Alas, this did not happen for numerous reasons which include: repairing my father-in-law's PC, a shopping trip to Sudbury, my yearly hour of churchy goodness, and constant feasting on my mother-in-law's to-die-for baking. All in all, a pretty decent trip (even the churchy bits) - but always too short.

The weather was another story and I can only conclude that Mother Nature is pretty pissed about something. The 7-hour drive to Levack was uneventful and easy - notwithstanding that it was bookended by winter storms on the day previous and day after we travelled. While in Levack, the temperatures were astoundingly cold - too cold for any outdoor activities. The drive back was not so much a 'trip' as it was a Foreign Legion march. In total, a 10-hour trek through bad weather and slushy roads. The final leg from Kitchener to London took 2 hours with speeds never breaking the 40 km/h mark.

The final indignity was having to shovel more that 40 cm of snow from the driveway last evening, and another 10 cm of wet, heavy stuff again today. But now the final preparations are nearly complete for Christmas and I await the neighbours who'll be dropping by for a Christmas Eve visit. While the weather outside is indeed frightful, Christmas will be undoubtedly delightful.

So to all my Innertube friends: may your Christmas be wooly-sock warm and full of fellowship and good cheer. My gift to you is music - music that you won't be able to get out of your head.

Merry Christmas - and you're welcome.


David said...

Holy crap, Levack ON. I almost never hear that name. And I feel for your white-knuckled return trip. What a treat.

Thanks for the Gayla Peevey tune. I love that song and play it at home and work throughout December. Nobody likes it as much as I do. What is wrong with those people? I think they just don't want to be happy.

Crazylegs said...

Please, please tell me you've never really heard of Levack, ON.

Seriously, man.

Kid Dork said...

Oh, he's heard of it. He's like Brainiac 5--he knows everything.

I have never heard of Gayla Peevey before. After my signed Doctor Who comic book, this was my second favourite gift.

David said...

I met a kid from Levack at Western. I seemed to gravitate towards the small-towners. I guess it had to do with being from Delaware (township that is), and being called a "townie" by those ridiculous monkeys from Mississauga.

KD, I am glad that you finally know of Gayla Peevey and the great hippo song. I recommend playing it everyday from Dec. 1 on. And a few time in July.

David said...

Tag, you're it.

Anonymous said...