Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Geeks Get In Their Stockings

Christmas is all about quiet reflection, lazy times with Loved Ones, and re-energizing the soul. It's not about presents.

Am I right? Of course I am.

So I won't say anything to the contrary. I'll just show pictures and smile warmly.

I love my family. And now I get to upgrade my video card.


David said...

What? No tie? No soap-on-a-rope? You have a fantastic family CL. Mecka-lecka hi, mecka heiny ho! And felice blahbibah.

Sonny Drysdale said...

Lucky you Crazy Legs.

In my house, I'M the one who has to reintroduce the kids to the charms of P.W.

If you are good, maybe next Christmas they'll get you the DVD to the original 'Pee-Wee Herman Show' LIVE from the Roxy Theatre.

You can't go wrong when 'Captain Carl' is in the house.

Kid Dork said...

I have the same sonic screwdriver, and use it far too often. It really is an amazingly fun toy--even if you're standing in your housecoat, aiming it heroically at the cat.

Great gifts, CL. Superb, in fact.

David said...

You'll soon be worrying that fucker Twist for title of London geek with the most Who toys.

Anonymous said...