Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CanCon Despair

I read today that CBC has a few new made-in-Canadaland TV series lined up for January 2008.

Now, sit down. Comfy? Good.

One of the new series is a 13-part serialization of Coupland's JPod.

I'm not kidding.

The good news - I guess - is that Coupland, himself, is executive producer and wrote the scripts. Maybe the visual medium will translate Coupland's story better than print. But I'm not real hopeful.

The bad/weird news is that Alan Thicke is in the cast. Now, William Shatner would be sort of hipster-casting. But Alan Thicke?

I'm from Missouri, but you know I'll watch an episode anyways.

Oh, and another new series is MVP. A hockey-meets-Desperate Housewives soap that was shot in London over a few months earlier this year. I can't wait to see the JLC and Convention Center on my TV.

Oh wait, I can. Guess I better head to Chapters soon.


Sonny Drysdale said...

Prior to his 1980s late-night talk show 'Into the Toilet,' Alan Thicke as a producer/writer on Norm Lear's 'Fernwood 2-Night' starring Fred Willard and Uncle Martin Mull.

So he once did have a good reputation.

Of course that was also before he did that sitcom with Tom Hanks. Or was it Joey Lawrence and Blossom? Or 'Step by Step'?

Kid Dork said...

I can't believe it. JPOD? I never, ever get rid of books (I still have my Tarzan novels, for example, that I bought when I was nine), but that sucker is on the way to the recycle bin. It was nothing short of a fetid pile of shit. With an abortion thrown on top for seasoning.

I didn't know MVP was shot here. I guess we should count the shots of DeCicco's husband, because you know he'll be in it.

I despair. Thank the stars for video games, or I'd shoot my TV for treason.

David said...

There is no way to follow that fantastic rant other than to say, "What he said!".

Anonymous said...