Monday, August 27, 2007

David Tennant Saved My Marriage

For as long as I can remember, Dee and I have always had 'our show'. It's very seldom that we ever find ourselves sitting down in front of the TV at the same time, but we've always found 1 or 2 programs that we would make a point to watch together. Really, it's been an excuse to spend time with each other - and the fact that we always have a good snack and a good red wine only enhances the ritual.

Way back when, it was Twin Peaks (we're still pissed about the dancing midget ending). These days, we try to catch the Daily Show and we eagerly await the new seasons of 24 (aka Fucking Jack!) and Heroes. Lately we've been in a lull, however, as there really isn't much on the tube that we both agree deserves our limited, combined attention spans.

While our tastes are somewhat divergent in the general sense, I know she's a repressed geek. So I delicately introduced her to the The Doctor. As in Who. I have to admit something - I'm somewhat of a lapsed Doctor Who fan myself. This season I promised I'd watch every episode, with no exceptions. So one evening I casually popped in the latest epsiode that I had taped, and proceeded to watch The Doctor whilst Dee did a crossword.

Long story short - she's hooked. Now she's not content to wait 7 days between each CBC airing, so I've managed to.... ummmm.... 'find' a complete set of Series 3 that we can watch at our leisure. So now we have 'our show' again. Dee looks forward to each Doctor Who adventure, and has even wondered aloud what other 'stuff' David Tennant has done. I believe she's smitten.

I just don't have the heart to tell her there are only a few more episodes in a the current run. Maybe it's time to 'find' Series 2.


Kid Dork said...

Rest assured, my wife Cher is also deeply in the Tennant Adoration League. She loved him in Harry Potter, and now is more involved in Who than she has ever been in over 20 odd years. She actually *giggles* when she talks about him to her friends.

Outside of Who, our shows are Hustle and The Shield. Or maybe it's just the wine.

Sonny Drysdale said...

It used to be a week's worth of 'Dark Shadows' on VHS and devoured in one sitting.

Now, we have an established 'date night' (if you know what I mean) - every Sunday, right after 'Desperate Housewives.'

David said...

We are lucky men indeed. My sweet wife loves to watch Battlestar with me. And, we have found much joy in Eureka. Good brainless fun. I am trying to get her hooked on the Who as well. It might take more wine though. Darn.

David said...

Surreal Girl digs Tennant and therefore Who... she's watched two seasons with me now and is secretly excited by the upcoming Christmas Special and Season Four in the spring.

Anonymous said...