Thursday, June 07, 2007

Houston? We Have a Problem

You have to be 'a certain age' to remember Commander Tom. He was a staple on WKBW (Buffalo, channel 7) for about a hundred years or so - first on Rocketship 7, followed by The Commander Tom Show.

Even if you never crossed paths with the Commander, have a look at the following clip from his old show. I can't decide if he's bored, or quietly earnest about his work. Either way, watch for a particularly uncomfortable exchange (about 1 minute in) between the Commander and a young fan on the topic of cigarette companies. It's weird.


David said...

Was Commander Tom clueless, or just an asshole? Who asks a 1st grader "What's on your mind these days?" That was great comedy. And the economics lecture about big tobacco was fabulous. "Hey little boy, tell me your dreams. What? No cigarettes? Your dream sucks!" And poor Angela, forced to say which classmate she would shiv for their seat. And Tim is a good looking boy. Nice of him to show up. Oh wait, he has to be there.

I love Commander Tom. Especially when he crapped on the kid's dream of being a fireman. It's good to give those 6-year-olds a cold dose of reality. Builds character. Or so my dad told me.

Carissa said...

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